Comet Neowise and Ursa Major.

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Phillip’s House


I happened to see just the lighting that I had hoped for: the rising sun illuminating the front side with a foggy background.

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Sequestered at the Marsh


I took this photograph this afternoon. I’ve been watching this tree for several months, and I realized that it is starting to open its leaves to the sunlight. The tree will be full of foliage within days, hiding the bare branches and trunks. For some reason that I cannot explain, this tree inspires my vision.

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Wooden Deck


Another shipboard image that I like.

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Bygone Dreams


Something I am working on these days.

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Mummy of the Alabama Hills


Last Autumn in the Alabama Hills , Lisa found this disinterred stone mummy , and suggested that I take its portrait.

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New Work

Red and Green wall near Burnt Ranch. I spent yesterday with some friends on a photographic outing east of home on highway 299.


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ARTS ARCATA, My Recent Project

Flyer for August 2019 Arts ArcataFlyer for August 2019 Arts Arcata

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Westerdam 01

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Perhaps I went a little over the top with this one from 2014.

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