CALUMET SAYS HOWDY, Las Vegas, NM May 2010.

I returned to Santa Fe in the spring of 2010 for a several week long stay that I called my Santa Fe meditation. I spent most of that time by myself and with my camera (still the Sony R1). Therefor I had ample opportunity to explore and photograph. One of the things that I liked about the R1 was that I only had to tote around the camera with it’s incorporated lens, a couple of spare batteries and memory cards, a cable release and a tripod – simple light and compact. That camera was a for a fixed-lens camera, about perfect for my style of photography (more on that at a later time).

Here we go again – another black and white vs color example. I think the color version works best for my taste.

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From my recent postings, I sense the development of a theme that is based on my evolution as a so called fine art photographer. That evolution includes a certain amount of technical learning: both of trying to become familiar with using more advanced digital cameras, and in developing post production competency. Some of these entries will be more oriented toward sharing that advancement of skills and knowledge while discussing the aesthetic choices that I made for select images.

The photographs below are variations of another one of my all time favorites NORTH JETTY NUMBER 47.

This variation is from April 2018. It is perhaps the most worked copy of this photograph. The railroad ties on the left center compete with the primary subjects (changed in the copy below).

I just now worked this copy (January 12, 2021). I have yet to study the differences enough to select my prefered variation. I see several differences. In this image the foreground jade colored rock competes more with the small cascade of water in the center. It may just be enough to steal one’s eye away from the small waterfall. The details of the concrete wall are clearer as well.

April 3, 2010. Sony R1 at 24mm equivalent.

I think that it is time to show the original image direct from the camera (above). At this point, I feel that the subject and composition were the most redeeming values of the shot. There is some tension between the water and the wall as the relentless oceanic swells and tides continue their onslaught of the jetty. My early renderings were on the warm side, as I was still prone to wear rose-colored sunglasses in our cool coastal environment. Over time, my vision for this image morphed into the cooler realm of color balance.

Black and white worked today.

Black and White worked April 2018.

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The Grand Deluxe Express at Lamy, New Mexico, 2007

The very first time that I went to the Amtrak Station in Lamy (Santa Fe), NM was May 28, 2007. This was on the same trip to the southwest that I wrote about yesterday. This was mine and Lisa’s first time visiting my brother Daniel and his wife, Kay at their new home near Lamy. Dan brought Lisa and me down to see the station at sunset. Little did we know that this train would be sitting there basking in the approaching sunset. Talk about timing – this train was not a regularly seen visitor.

Unlike the photo of Pecos that I posted in my last blog post (yesterday), this combination of color, mood, lighting, and composition dictated to me that it works most effectively in color.

I feel like I was on a roll, getting two of my favorite photos on two adjacent days. I will admit to working the daylights into this image mostly with Lightroom. I used the Sony R1. The prints that I made from it look very good for a ten megapixel image.

See what I mean about it needing the colors?

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In 2007 I had the opportunity to photograph at the Pecos National Historic Park. This was about the time that I started to take digital photography seriously. I no longer had a darkroom, and had sold off most of my photography gear. I felt ready to step into the steep learning curve of fine art digital photography. I was going to learn of lot of technical skills in order to produce gallery grade photographs. I had a wonderful to use new digital camera, and here at Pecos, I had the subject matter to work with.

This rendering in color just did not satisfy my previsualized notion of how to present it.

For me this had to be done in black and white.

This rendering was a step in the right direction, but not quite there.

This variation of the ruins was to me a stronger composition. This has become one of my all time favorite images. At this point in my photography, I felt that I had finally reached the point with digital photography that to me equaled and surpassed what I could do with film. I used a Sony R1 camera, and processed the image in Lightroom and Photoshop.

This was my starting point on working this photograph.

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I took this image a week ago.

This is it eleven years ago. Pretty impressive that it still seems to be hold its own against weather and age. I think I am aging at a faster clip than this old truck.

It reminds me of when I was very young, and our family watched the Lawrence Welk Show. Larry Hooper, a basso profundo sang the song “This Old House”. I loved that song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9NvySJnoPk

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A beautiful morning at the marsh. I am glad that I had my phone.

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The Manifestation of Knowing

Ancient Temple of esoteric revelations.

Upon occasion I allow myself to delve into what I think of as the greater imagination. This former military battery is transformed into a temple housing secret knowledge inside its deeper chambers.

Inner chambers host messages from their ancestors in pictographs that have yet to be translated.
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Humboldt Bay Still Life

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Blue Lake Bridge at Korbel.

Same photograph – different interpretation.

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Spruce Forest at Stagecoach Hill Azalea State Park

Last Wednesday A group of photographers met up at this little known California State Park for a photo shoot. We also visited the beach at the mouth of Redwood Creek. Here are two images from that outing.

Spruce Forest

Lonely Beach

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