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THOMAS ALLEN BETHUNE I have been interested in photography for most of my life. I started taking photographs with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera when I was eight years old. My early subjects were trains and engineered structures as well as landscapes and family portraits. My interests and vision have matured, but the subjects that catch my eye continue to be of the same genre as my earliest visions. A neighbor man had a darkroom, and he showed me the basics of camera operation and darkroom processing. I took courses in art and photography in high school and college. I worked as an apprentice to a commercial wedding and event photographer, and I was in charge of a recreational dark room while I was in the military. As an adult, I earned a bachelor’s degree in photography from Humboldt State University. My experience with film formats included 35mm, 2 ¼”, and 4”x 5”. I exhibited at galleries near my home in Arcata California, and in Santa Fe New Mexico. All my current work is digital. I am scanning many of my legacy negatives and slides. I sometimes process and print the scanned negatives. I often post them on my blog. I process all of my prints with archival media. An award winning fine art photographer living in a redwood forest. BA Photography Director, Redwood Art Association, Eureka CA Co-curator, F Street Foto Gallery, Eureka CA


I do not recall where I got the information that this place was known as the “Mad River Ferry House”, but I think it was a good source. This is a good example of the work that I was doing … Continue reading

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Moving up to 2012 I want to share three interpretations of the same image. By this time, I was becoming more competent with my photo editing skills. I was fortunate to have access to work with the local Photoshop Users … Continue reading

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I initiated a self-directed project to document the business districts of both Arcata and Eureka. I often photographed in the early morning pre dawn light. I started this in 2010, and have worked on it through to the present time. … Continue reading

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I made this image a few hours ago. I decided to give “intentional-camera-movement (ICM)” a try. A couple of friends recently had some success with the process, and they convinced me to give it a go. This is an eleven … Continue reading

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CALUMET SAYS HOWDY, Las Vegas, NM May 2010. I returned to Santa Fe in the spring of 2010 for a several week long stay that I called my Santa Fe meditation. I spent most of that time by myself and … Continue reading

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From my recent postings, I sense the development of a theme that is based on my evolution as a so called fine art photographer. That evolution includes a certain amount of technical learning: both of trying to become familiar with … Continue reading

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The Grand Deluxe Express at Lamy, New Mexico, 2007 The very first time that I went to the Amtrak Station in Lamy (Santa Fe), NM was May 28, 2007. This was on the same trip to the southwest that I … Continue reading

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In 2007 I had the opportunity to photograph at the Pecos National Historic Park. This was about the time that I started to take digital photography seriously. I no longer had a darkroom, and had sold off most of my … Continue reading

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I took this image a week ago. This is it eleven years ago. Pretty impressive that it still seems to be hold its own against weather and age. I think I am aging at a faster clip than this old … Continue reading

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A beautiful morning at the marsh. I am glad that I had my phone.

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